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Oracle SQL * Plus Commands - Reference Manual
The following commands can be issued in SQL*Plus (in addition to the standard SQL commands.) -
 @ pathname Run an SQL Script (see START) @MyScript.sql parameter1 parameter2 parameter3 In the SQL-Script, refer to the parameters as &1, &2, and &3. @@ pathname Run a nested SQL Script. / Execute (or re-execute) commands in the SQL*Plus buffer does not list commands before running ACCEPT User input ACC[EPT] variable [NUM[BER] - CHAR - DATE] [FORMAT format ] [DEFAULT default] [PROMPT text - NOPROMPT] [HIDE] APPEND Add text to the end of the current line in the buffer. A[PPEND] text_to_add BREAK Specify where and how formatting will change. BREAK ON {column - expr - ROW - REPORT} action BTITLE Place and format a title at the bottom of each page. BTITLE printspec [text - variable] BTITLE [OFF - ON] CHANGE Change text on the current line. C /oldval/newval CLEAR Clear the SQL*Plus screen and the screen buffer. CLEAR {BREAKS - BUFFER - COLUMNS - COMPUTES - SCREEN - SQL TIMING}
COLUMN Change display width of a column.
COMPUTE Calculate and display totals.
CONNECT Connect to a database as a specified user. connect username/password@SID
COPY Copy data from a query into a table (local or remote) DEFINE User variables : DEFINE <varName> = <String> Display a user variable DEFINE <varName> Display all variables DEFINE DEFINE_EDITOR = sql*plus editor (e.g. DEFINE_EDITOR=vim.exe) DEL Delete the current line in the SQL buffer DESC[RIBE] Describe a table, column, view, synonym, function procedure, package or package contents. DISCONNECT Logoff (but don't exit) EDIT Load the SQL*Plus buffer into an editor. By default, saves the file to AFIEDT.BUF
EXECUTE Run a single PLSQL statement EXEC :answer := EMP_PAY.BONUS('SMITH') EXIT [n] Commit, logoff and exit (n = error code) EXIT SQL.SQLCODE GET file Retrieve a previously stored command file HELP topic Topic is an SQL PLUS command or HELP COMMANDS HOST Execute a host operating system command HOST CD scripts INPUT Edit sql buffer - add line(s) to the buffer LIST n m Edit sql buffer - display buffer lines n to m For all lines - specify m as LAST PAUSE message Wait for the user to hit RETURN PRINT variable List the value of a bind variable or REF Cursor (see VARIABLE / SHOW) PROMPT message Echo a message to the screen
REMARK REMARK comment or --comment-- or /* comment */ RUN Execute (or re-execute) commands in the SQL*Plus buffer Lists the commands before running RUNFORM Run a SQL*Forms application SAVE file Save the contents of the SQL*Plus buffer in a command file SAVE file [CRE[ATE] - REP[LACE] - APP[END]]
SET Display or change SQL*Plus settings SHOW List the value of a system variable (see PRINT)
SHUTDOWN [ABORT - IMMEDIATE - NORMAL - TRANSACTIONAL] SPOOL file Store query results in file SPOOL OFF Turn off spooling SPOOL OUT sends file to printer
SQLPLUS Start SQL*Plus and connect to a database. STA[RT] Run an SQL Script (see @)
STARTUP [NoMOUNT - MOUNT - OPEN] TIMING Record timing data TIMING {START - SHOW - STOP} see CLEAR TIMING TTITLE Define a page title UNDEFINE Delete a user variable or passed parameter (see DEFINE) VARIABLE Define a bind variable (Can be used in both SQLPlus and PLSQL) VAR[IABLE] [variable {NUMBER - CHAR - CHAR (n)}] VARIABLE on its own will display the definitions made. WHENEVER OSERROR Exit if an OS error occurs WHENEVER SQLERROR Exit if an SQL or PLSQL error occurs
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