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Ask Tom - Oracle questions addressed by Thomas Kyte -
  • Oracle Forums OTN and OraFAQ (both requires free registration to log in)
  • Oracle-Rdb for OpenVMS
    Oracle / SQL Tutorial Oracle SQL and PL/SQL tutorials from the UC Davis Database and Information Systems Group (DBIS)
    First Course in Database Systems Oracle Guide The Oracle Bulk Loader, Oracle Dates and Times.
    Oracle-Base Scripts, articles, example code, utilities and a user forum. Covers Oracle 8i, 9i and 10G.
    Choosing Between Oracle and SQL Server This article from InfoWorld Magazine compares and contrasts Oracle and SQL Server.
    Creating Virtual Private Databases in Oracle Article that shows how to implement a Virtual Private Database. Oracle contains several security features that allow database administrators to achieve greater control over their information.
    Migrating to Oracle 8i and 9i This article from Caldera offers advice on upgrading an Oracle installation to Oracle 8i or 9i.
    Orac Database Administration Tool This is a freeware program distributed under the GNU Public License. Provides a suite of database administration tools for users of Oracle, Sybase and Informix products.
    Oracle and XML Provides a brief introduction to XML technology and the Oracle DBMS.
    Oracle FAQ Offers a comprehensive set of frequently asked questions about the Oracle family of database products.
    Oracle Internals Magazine Technically-oriented magazine designed and written for experienced Oracle administrators.
    Oracle Replication FAQ Provides an informative listing of frequently asked questions on the replication capabilities of Oracle databases.
    Oracle's official website offers a comprehensive look at the company's product line along with product support, case studies and implementation assistance.
    Running Oracle on FreeBSD Looking for a FreeBSD database solution? This article provides a step-by-step tutorial on installing Oracle 8 for Linux on a FreeBSD system.
    Underground Oracle FAQ An unoffical, but surprisingly complete, set of frequently asked questions about Oracle products and the Oracle corporation.
    Using Oracle Global Database Links Demonstrates how global database links can simplify your multi-server Oracle environment.
    Hot Oracle Site dedicated to Oracle products with PL SQL and SQLPlus Manuals
    Oracle Fan Club Exchange ideas with other oracle users in the world. Find tips & tricks in ORACLE. have a chat on hot topics. find jobs in ORACLE
    Oracle Commands An AZ Index of Oracle SQL Commands (version 9.2) Words in CAPS are Oracle commands, words in lower-case are the options you can modify.
    Tech on the Net - Oracle Basic code examples for SQL and PL/SQL. Select statements, variables, functions, triggers.
    Oracle Job Network Oracle Jobs, Resumes, Links - The premier website for Oracle Jobs and Resumes.
    An Introduction to Oracle Free Oracle Tutorials. A series of Oracle database tutorials featuring an introduction to the Oracle DBMS, Oracle SQL and SQL*Plus--PL/SQL--Oracle data
    Oracle 101 An overview of Oracle illustrated with several examples. Content includes advanced techniques for database administration
    Using Oracle PL/SQL As with Oracle SQL programs, we can invoke a PL/SQL program either by typing it Note that PL/SQL allows BOOLEAN variables, even though Oracle does not
    Oracle: SQL*Plus Tutorial Oracle faq contains several hints on Oracles products, including SQL Plus and Oracle SQL In windows, find the Oracle group and click on SQL Plus.
    Oracle Linux Page - Installing Real Application Cluster Tuning and Optimizing Red Hat Enterprise Linux for Oracle 9i and 10g Databases Installing Oracle 9i Database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS 4, 3, 2.1,
    ORACLE Tutorial and Manual Information

    Manuals and tutorials with introduction reference or knowledge about oracle database programming.
    Install , Setup and Configure ORACLE
  • Install , Setup and Configure ORACLE Information - provides the knowledge of how to set up your account and other system environment variables. It will also provide information about how ORACLE configuration, which you will require, and the steps you must take to report any problems.
  • SQL*Plus (Terminal Monitor) - provides a summary of the commands that you will require in order to create tables and manipulate the database.

  • SQL*Loader - provides a summary of the commands that you will require to allow you to load data from a file to the database.

  • SQL Commands - provides the syntax of some of the SQL Commands in ORACLE to help you get started. This section will only shed light on the Data Definition Language commands and will not contain any information on querying the database (which should be covered in class).
  • SQLPLUS Manuals and Tutorials
    Technet Article - SQL*Plus Substitution Variables
    Dizwell - Enable SQL*Plus History (Up-arrow) -
    Oracle - Latest Oracle Information. Oracle in Server, Desktops, Tablets, Mobile Phones. Oracle News.
    What is Oracle ?
    SQL Plus Software development
    Oracle Directory Resources - Sites, Books and Magazines
    Oracle Corporation Company Information
    Oracle Database DB and System Versions - Oracle How-to : How to install and configure.
    Technology Oracle 2022

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