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Technology solutions, consulting, software development and system integrations designed exactly to your needs.
Web, Mobile, Servers, XML, Java, Javascript, JQuery, Linux, Windows, C++ and intelligent and automatic services and more ...
Tecni.Com Technology News - Tech guide with the Latest technology software, hardware, development and howto information to support the open community. Tech guides at your service with the latest technology solutions.
Tech Technology - Technology, Tech News and Tools for Webmasters - Professional Solutions and Services for your Web Site - Internet, Ecommerce, Electronic Payments
Ajax html5, CSS2, Jquery, google tools, Javascript
Android - Android Apps, Android development, Android Configuration - Android install, Android books - Android howto - Android market - Use of Glogle Play to download Millions of Free Apps and Games for Android
Tech Books - Software Books and References. Tech Guide. Technology How to ?
ecommerce How to create ecommerce sites? Ecommerce guide
Mac Apple, iPhone.
internet, Software, Hardware, Internet protocols, VPN. Social Networks
Java How to create java applications? Java Reference - Java SDK - JDK. Java and Open Source Community information
Linux Distributions, Linux Books, Open Source tools - Linux Server Setup and Open Source , Software Development
Microsoft - Windows tips and information, programs and services from Microsoft Bing Search
Mobile Mobile Phones information, apps, setup, tips and trick to configure your smart phone
MySQL MySQL, SQLServer, Oracle oracle sqlplus database XML XAML
php PHP Scripts - PHP Configuration, setup, programs, connection and development - php_mysql - php_publications - php_resources - php_tools - php_tutorial - postfix_mysql - postfix_virtual
Tutorials Tips for Windows and Linux, MS Word, Excel, Explorer, Office , Outlook, XP
voip voip hardware , voip services, ip calls, sms, mms, VPN , SOAP / WebServices
EspaƱol Directorio de Tecnologia. Programacion - Lenguajes de programacion - Guia Tecnologica
News - Technology News - News Guide - The latest news and events in Technology
Search Tech Search
International Area codes . Global Phone Guide - International telephone codes and prefixes
Tech Guide Tech information for education and general reference. The guides are not related with any other company, brands, country or government that listed in the news or tech directory.
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