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PHP Tools
Only PHP - PHP Scripts and more
PHP Editors - Lots of PHP stuff here.
PHP4All - A Dutch PHP Community
NuSphere PHPEd - Integrated Development Environment for PHP
PHP Lords - PHP Portal
PHP Freaks - New PHP Site
Decatomb Production, PHP Section - A collection of selected papers, articles and tutorials for PHP developers of any levels.
WebWorkz Ware - Free PHP Scripts
DevArticles - Top quality ASP, PHP and .NET articles for the serious developer.
The PHP Loft - PHP Scripts
The PHP Talk - Everything about the PHP Language
Melonfire - PHP Tutorials
PHP Resource - Lots of PHP Scripts and more.
phpWizard - PHP Tutorials - A PHP and Perl code bank. Support the cause, submit code.
PHP 3.0 resources at DevShed - A good set of articles introducing various PHP concepts
PHP.CodeBase.Org - A nice all-around support site
PX - PHP Code Exchange - The PHP Code Exchange is a great place to start. Here you'll find many example scripts and useful functions, organized for easy finding. Includes a search function.
Weber Dev - Another collection of sample PHP scripts. Includes a search function.
PHPioneers/ioMetrics Scripts - A collection of PHP scripts.
PHP Base Library - The start of what looks to be a promising collection of base code for developers of large PHP sites.
PHP Center - German speaking portal site with tutorials, tips and tricks, job advertisements, articles and more.
PHP-Homepage - German site about PHP with scripts, tips, foren, MyGuestBook, articles, news and more.
Dynamic-Webpages - German site with installation guides, tips and scripts, BestOfGML, WhoIsWho - a view on german PHP-cracks, german manual, book reviews, links and more.
PHPIndex - is a french gateway to PHP related contents.
Database enabled websites tutorial - Introductory tutorial
APCS Homepage - Advanced Placement Computer Science including programming in C/C++, PHP3, and linux programming and much much more.
Linux Guruz - Linux / PHP / Mysql
PHP Articles
Beginning PHP - Learn how to generate graphics using PHP; a powerful, new scripting language.
Email Forms in PHP - Recent convert Dan Ball shows you the basics of PHP scripting by way of a simple Email submission form.
Intro to PHP - Stirling Hughes offers up a solid introduction to PHP.
PHP and Regular Expressions 101 - Guest author Mitchell Harper offers up this primer on the use of Regular Expressions in PHP.
phpHoo - In this tutorial, we start out with the basics of using MySQL with PHP and create a program with the same functionality found in Yahoo like directories. Source code of phpHoo included.
PHP/MySQL Interface for HierMenus 4 - Guest author J. "JC" Chakrabarty discusses his PHP/MySQL interface to HierMenus 4, which allows you to dynamically retrieve data that can then be used in JavaScript scripts.
Professional PHP4 XML - Join us for a cappuccino on the corner of PHP and XML, the intersection for two of the busiest streets in the Web developer community. Among the topics: transformation of XML, modifying XML, and writing XML. From Wrox.
PHP script directories
hotscripts - HotScripts: PHP Books, Magazine Articles, Communities, Scripts and Programs, Softwares, Tips.
fatscripts - FatScripts: A growing list of PHP resources, categorized and searchable.
PHP editors
dzsoft - DzSoft PHP Editor: PHP editor of my choice. I used it for all the PHPJunkYard scripts. Check it out!
phpedit - PHP Edit: nice piece of software and best of all - it's free!
Zend - Zend studio: A nice editor, but in my opinion the price is a bit high for an average user.
kate - Kate: This is a free editor for Linux users. - KDE
PHP - Latest PHP Information. PHP software for Servers.
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Tutorials PHP Tutorials. Learn PHP
Tools - Scripts and Tools for Web Masters
PHP Links Websites with information for PHP developers
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