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Directorio PHP Listado de topicos relacionados con PHP del directorio abierto dmoz. Sitio con libros , articulos y herramientas de php Sitio con muchos tutoriales y articulos de soporte sobre linux y php
PHP Everywhere Contiene links y noticias sobre temas relacionados con PHP
PHP Resource Index Contiene cientos de direcciones y sitios con opciones de busqueda y categorizados
PHP Sites Webring Un webring que conduce a muchos sitios php.
PHP FAQ sites A big faq and some links about PHP and SQL
de.comp.lang.php FAQ Excellent german language FAQ about PHP
PHP Knowledge Base A growing collection of PHP related information in a searchable question and answer format.
Advanced and Complex PHP Related Sites
Codewalkers A community site dedicated to PHP developers. Includes forums, tutorials, and user submitted code. Home of the PHP Coding Contest.
Developers Shed A good set of articles introducing various PHP concepts
Dotgeek A PHP and PostgreSQL community site with tutorials, articles, programming marathon and news. Developing Open Web Sites With Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP-Perl A bunch of helpful PHP resources available here
PHP Developers' network The PHP Developers' Network was founded to provide the PHP Community with a set of solid sites that work together to promote the PHP language and provide a large resource for the community as a whole.
PHP Freaks PHP Learning Center site.
PHP Traveller PHP weblog, knowledge and link directory. Regularly updated collection of PHP resources. PHP related resources (articles, tutorials, forums, advanced search etc.) DevZone A community site for developers of all levels, including a code gallery, applications, tips, forums, tutorials and more.
PHP Scripts and Programs PHP Projects : A huge number of projects, both commercial and open source
Nexen's scripts librairy An exhaustive PHP scripts collection, with more 800 useful functions (English and French).
PHP Foundry at SourceForge A great number of open source PHP projects actively developed
PX - PHP Code Exchange The PHP Code Exchange is a great place to start. Here you'll find many example scripts and useful functions, organized for easy finding. Includes a search function
The PHP Classes Repository Useful PHP classes in a categorized listing
PHP Video and audio
DVD PHP Québec The PHP Québec DVD was shot during the Montréal sessions, in . It gathers 6 hours of advanced technics sessions, subtitled in French and English.
CD-ROM PHP Québec The PHP Québec CD-ROM was recorded during the Montréal sessions, in 2004. It gathers 21 hours of advanced technics sessions in audio format, with the slides.
PHP Setup and Authoring Tools
List of installation kits An extensive list of installation kits setting up servers and PHP for you in minutes.
PHP Editors List A comprehensive list of editors you can use to edit PHP programs
Companies that provide commercial tools for PHP
ActiveState ActiveState, a division of Sophos, produces Komodo, a professional integrated development environment (IDE) for open source languages.
InterAKT Online Dreamweaver Extensions InterAKT Online provides quality software development tools used by tens of thousands of PHP developers around the world, including PHAkt and Krysalis.
ionCube ionCube produces PHP development and end-user tools, including the popular free PHP Accelerator and affordable encoding solutions for code protection.
Macromedia Macromedia created Dreamweaver MX, a rapid web application development tool supporting PHP.
Maguma Maguma produces an IDE with debugging to speed up the development of PHP enabled websites and applications.
SourceGuardian SourceGuardian produces tools to help commercial developers distribute their scripts safely including the popular SourceGuardian Pro for encrypting and obfuscating PHP source code.
NuSphere NuSphere delivers products and services that allow companies to deploy reliable, cost-effective database-driven Internet applications and sites.
PHP Accelerators
After Burner Free open source accelerator available from Bware Technologies.
APC Alternative PHP Cache, Free open source accelerator available from Community Connect.
EAccelerator A fork of Turck MMCache.
ionCube PHP Accelerator A free accelerator available from ionCube.
Turck MMCache for PHP Free open source accelerator, optimizer, encoder and dynamic content cache from TurckSoft.
Zend Accelerator Commercial accelerator available from Zend Technologies, Inc.
Collections / Resources
DevShed - Frequently updated PHP tutorials and case studies dripping with example code.
Google Development. Open Code - Directory's list of resources. PHP - Listings of many resources, including scripts and tutorials.
PHP3 for OSX Server - A PHP port that runs on the Macintosh OSX Server.
PHP Builder - All the PHP resources you need, from our sister site. - Tutorials of all shapes and sizes as well as daily news briefs pointing out PHP happenings from around the Web. Founding site of the
PHP Developer's Network , which also includes with a focus on PHP security issues; and , a PHP Classes Repository.
PHP Resources - Great links from the Web Developer's Virtual Library.
PHP Start4all - A collection of tutorials, scripts, database's, free PHP hosting and Web servers. - Information on creating dynamic Web pages with PHP.
Yahoo - Yahoo's PHP listings from the "Server Side Scripting/PHP" category.
Cetus Links: PHP - Offers well organized and easy accessible set of links to sites with PHP tutorials, examples, FAQs, newsgroups, references and forums. -
  • The Free PHP Hosting Directory - Free PHP and MySQL hosting resources with reviews and rates, links to related sites. -

  • Free PHP Resources - A listing of free PHP resources including tutorials, a free book and sample chapters, articles, IDEs, FAQs and forums. -
  • - PHP - Categorized online directory for PHP resources, scripts, and tutorials. -

  • PHP Index Site - A PHP resource directory for scripts, tutorials, references, articles and techniques. -

  • - Free PHP scripts, tutorials, articles, software, downloads, resources directory. -

  • - PHP and CGI resource directory with help and discussion forums. -

  • ProgrammingSite : PHP section - A collection of resources for PHP programmers. -
  • Tecfa's Php Page - Documentation, tutorials, books, applications, examples links.

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    IT Works - PHP Editors List
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    Source Forge Collection of PHP Code
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    Roadsend Site Manager
    PX PHP Code Exchange
    DevNewz articles - Servlets, MySQL and JDBC Drivers
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