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VOIP Hardware

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VOIP - Voice over IP
Most standards-based solutions use either the H.323 or Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) protocols. A number of proprietary designs also exist.
Signaling protocols: -
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
defined by the IETF , newer than H.323
defined by the ITU-T
Megaco (a.k.a. H.248) and MGCP
both media gateway control protocols
Skinny Client Control Protocol
proprietary protocol from Cisco
proprietary protocol from Mitel
proprietary protocol from Siemens
the Inter-Asterisk eXchange protocol used by the Asterisk open source PBX server and associated client software
a proprietary peer-to-peer protocol used in the Skype application
a proprietary peer-to-peer protocol used in the Jajah SIP and IAX compatible webphone

Several different speech codecs can be used for stream audio compression . Commonly used codecs for VoIP traffic include G.711 , G.723.1 and G.729 , all ITU-T -specified. -

- Networks: Full Phone Service
AOL TotalTalk : A U.S. and Canadian VoIP phone service provider.
Bandwidth.com : A U.S.-based Business VoIP carrier.
BroadVoice : A U.S.-based VoIP network.
Cliconnect Internet Telephony : A Canadian-Brazilian based Voip Service Provider.
Congruent IP Communications : A Canadian-based hosted VoIP services provider.
Internode NodePhone : An Australian-based VoIP service provider.
IXP Voice : A U.S.-based VoIP phone service provider.
Lingo : U.S. VoIP offering of Primus Telecommunications.
OpenWengo : A France-based VoIP Provider.
MetroTel : A U.S.-based VoIP Provider.
MyWebCalls : A UK-based VoIP phone service.
Packet8 : A U.S.-based VoIP network.
sipgate : German SIP based provider also operating in Austria and the UK
SIPphone : A SIP-based VoIP network.
SunRocket : A U.S.-based VoIP phone service provider.
TheGlobe : A U.S.-based Voice over Internet Protocol communications company.
TeleCable Services : A U.S.-based VoIP phone service provider.
Telio : A Norwegian-based VoIP phone service provider
TexVoIP : Italian VoIP phone service provider
VoicePulse : A U.S.-based VoIP phone service provider
Vonage : A U.S.-based VoIP phone service provider
Verizon VoiceWing : Verizon's version of VoIP
VoIP User : A UK based free SIP based network with a community funded PSTN gateway
Voxbone : A EU based provider of worldwide VoIP virtual numbers
Networks: Software Service
Camfrog : Camfrog Video Chat uses a proprietary system with instant messaging to do multi-user audio and video.
FWD (formerly Free World Dialup) : A free SIP-based VoIP network.
Gizmo_Project : Gizmo Project uses your internet connection (broadband or dial-up) to make calls to other computers, phones and mobiles.
Paltalk : A proprietary freeware VoIP system which uses a messenger-like client for video, voice and text chat. Also offers interoperable #REDIRECT Instant Messenger (IM) with #REDIRECT AOL/AIM , #REDIRECT Yahoo Messenger , #REDIRECT MSN Messenger and #REDIRECT ICQ using the Paltalk client.
PeerMe : A proprietary freeware VoIP system which uses a messenger-like client.
Skype : A proprietary freeware VoIP system which uses a messenger-like client.
SIP Broker : One of the biggest free VoIP peering and ENUM services.
Teleo : A VoIP network using a P2P model
TelSIP : A European-based VoIP using SIP.
TheGlobe : A proprietary freeware VoIP plugin which adds a messenger-like client to your browser.
Vbuzzer : A SIP -based VoIP service with low cost access to conventional PSTN network.
Chattercube : The worlds first Peer-to-Peer VoIP network. -
Hardware: Wi-Fi Phone
UTStarcom F1000 : a wi-fi SIP handset -
Asterisk PBX : The popular Linux-based open source software PBX switch. It is known to compile and run on GNU/Linux for PPC along with OpenBSD, FreeBSD, and Mac OS X Jaguar.
GameComm , Roger Wilco , Teamspeak , and Ventrilo : Voice communication programs popular in online gaming.
Gizmo : A freeware VoIP client using SIP with Jabber protocol support.
Google Talk : A free VoIP system from Google.
Ekiga : The popular Linux-based open source softphone which supports a wide variety of video and audio codecs. Version 1 supported only H.323 , while version 2 supports H.323 and SIP .
KCall is an open source Linux softphone using Qt toolkit libraries.
MSN Messenger
IP Multimedia Subsystem : architectural model (with several SIP extensions), used by the traditional telecommunications industry to develop systems to replace the current circuit switched network with a NGN network.
Jajah : A freeware VoIP client with free videotelephony, chat, text messaging, voicemailbox and is compatible to SIP , Skype , Gizmo and IAX /H.323
OpenH323 : An implementation of the H.323 protocol released under the MPL license. It is used as the basis of several other VoIP applications including Ekiga and GnuGK . A new version of OpenH323 called OPAL is available that supports both H.323 and SIP
OpenWengo : Voip-application published under GNU GPL license
PhoneGaim : A free VoIP system based on Gaim and SIP.
PeerMe : A proprietary freeware VoIP system which uses a messenger-like client.
ReSIProcate : A robust and feature-rich open source SIP stack.
SIP Express Router (SER) : Fast, scalable, free SIP server.
SIMPLE : An instant messaging and presence protocol based on SIP.
sipX : The popular open source SIP PBX, native SIP call control, many features, Web management, and fully standards-compliant
SJphone : SJphone is a popular free SIP/H.323 softphone that many services use.
Skype : Skype is a free VoIP client that offers in and outbound PSTN facilities. It is closed source and is based on a closed protocol.
*starShop-OSS : Open Source professional and powerful billing and management system based on Asterisk PBX for Calling Shops and Internet cafes.
Tivi : A SIP VoIP client softphone .
TERAVoice Server - TERAVoice VoIP Gateway
Vbuzzer : Vbuzzer Softphone is a proprietary freeware to be used in conjunction with Vbuzzer Internet telephone service.
Yahoo! Messenger
YATE : A GPL (free) software VoIP telephony engine (VoIP server and client for H.323,IAX,SIP) for Windows and Linux -
VoIP Testing
A free VoIP quality test website (requires a Java-enabled Web browser).

VOIP Test Equipment Vendors -

Shenick Network Systems
Spirent -
Computer conferencing
Differentiated services
Integrated services
Predictive dialers -
FCC VoIP Information from the FCC
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Sicker, Lookabaugh and Ryan's law-review article discussing various technical and policy issues related to VoIP
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